One of the most important points to consider when it comes to Dentistry is email marketing. Why? Dentists who use email marketing have a higher chance of building a long-term relationship with their patients and finding new prospective patients by creating newsletters, coupons, offering services, discounts, etc., which all will be seen through email.

This article will discuss why Dentists need an email list, how they can build one, and some tips for Dentists on creating a successful Dentist email marketing campaign. Read on.


Here are 5 reasons why dentists need an email newsletter :

1) Email is Direct: A doctor's office has many patients who will give their email addresses so dentists can keep them posted if they are interested in services or products.

2) Dentists need a way to communicate with all their patients: Dentistry is a very vital sector, and no Dentist wants any of his patients to feel ignored or left out; By creating an email list, Dentist can send every patient the same message at the same time which means it has a better chance of being read as opposed to sending the information only one patient.

3) Email Has High Open Rates: In 2009, InfoTrends found that for B2C emails average open rate was 20%-25%, while for Dentists using Dentist email marketing, those rates were higher. Forests email marketing ranged from 28%-38%, which is substantial if dentists want to increase their chances of getting their message across.

4) Dentists want to re-engage with current patients: Dentist emailing list helps Dentists reconnect with all the patients they have ever treated, and it also brings back past patients who didn't become patients again (or were lost). This way, Dentists can make sure that they never lose any patient.

5) Email marketing builds trust among Dentists: When dentists send emails through Dentistry email marketing campaigns to all their customers, this demonstrates that Dentists value each one of them equally, which in turn, over time, will build trust among their customers. This ensures that Dentistry practices ethical business practices, and a Dentist is not just another Dentist who cares about money.


There are so many ways to collect email addresses, but here are some of the most effective ways Dentists can use:

1) Have patients sign up online after they leave Dentistry's office or website. Dentists should always have them sign-up during their first visit, on any post-care instructions, give out business cards with an option for a new patient to the opt-in mailing list at the end of forms etc. Dentist email marketing campaign will be quite effective if Dentist has a list that consists of all the patients they ever treated.

2) Dentists can also collect an email address through social media outlets. Dentistry practices should run a social media campaign that reminds patients about Dentist email marketing and encourage them to sign up for Dentistry's mailing list from the Dentists' website.

3) Dentists can also collect email addresses by giving away freebies - Dentists email marketing newsletter to their patients who give out coupons or small gifts to get the patients to opt-in for Dentist email marketing newsletter. Dentists can also offer a discount code in exchange for subscribers' information, which will allow Dentist's customer list to grow bigger, which will be helpful for upcoming promotions.

4) Consider using a third party platform: There are many third-party platforms you can use to help you with your mailing list, such as iContact, which Dentists can automate their email marketing campaign. Dentists can send individual emails to each patient or create groups to send Dentist email marketing newsletters. Dentistry will also be able to check the success of Dentist emailing by using built-in analytics that tracks opens, clicks and unsubscribes.


Dentists should keep it simple:

Dentist email marketing newsletter should be easy for Dentistry's patients to read. Please don't make them feel overwhelmed with too much information or any difficult words they might not understand. If Dentist does this, then Dentists' audience will be less likely to open Dentist email marketing newsletter, so there won't be any point in Dentist sending Dentistry email marketing newsletter. Dentists should keep Dentistry email marketing easy to read, simple and clean so that Dentists' messages can get through to Dentists' audience.

Dentists should use relatable images or videos:

People are more likely to pay attention if there is a picture involved. Dentists should have short videos explaining Dentist's services because it will allow them to know what Dentistry does to decide if Dentistry is the right one for them. Videos are constantly being shared across social media outlets which make the dental video very shareable too. It helps you grab patients' attention because people want information they can relate to and see, which will help them decide whether Dentistry's services are right for Dentists' audiences. Dentist email marketing should have images or videos that are relatable and informative, so Dentistry can use them to highlight Dentist achievements throughout the Dentist email marketing newsletter.

Dentist email marketing campaigns should always include an actionable CTA:

Dentist email marketing campaign needs to have a call-to-action that tells Dentists' audience what Dentists want them to do next. A great way to do this would be to make the call-to-action short and simple by asking Dentistry's patients what they think about their experience at Dentistry's office to get them involved in providing feedback towards improving for future patients. You could also ask the Dentists' audience if the Dentistry email marketing newsletter answered any of their questions about Dentist services which will help Dentist build a relationship with Dentistry's patients, so they become loyal customers. Having an actionable CTA will also give Dentists' audience options beyond the Dentistry email marketing newsletter to get more people to join the Dentist emailing list.

Keep it short and sweet:

Don't send long Dentistry email marketing newsletters because then you are less likely to get read by the majority of your audience, which defeats the purpose of sending a Dentistry email marketing newsletter in the first place. Your message should be easily digestible in around five sentences. If possible, try sending several micro emails instead of one big bulk; this will distribute Dentist email marketing over a few days, which will help Dentistry generates interest in the Dentist email marketing campaign.

Dentist email marketing should be trackable:

Dentists need to keep track of Dentist's email marketing campaigns because it allows Dentists to know if Dentistry was successful or not. You can use tools such as MailChimp, which provides built-in analytics that tracks opens, clicks and unsubscribes so Dentistry can see what works and what doesn't work when it comes to Dentist emailing lists. This way, Dentistry has an idea of almost how many people opened Dentistry dental email marketing newsletter, where they came from and if the call-to-action helped increase conversions by Dentistry email marketing Dentists' audience. Dentists should always A/B testing their email Campaigns because it can help Dentists gain more insight into Dentistry's emailing list and the best ways to reach them.

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